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Night Care Staff

About The Role

The Night Care Staff are responsible for the safety and good behavior of the residents at night and their awakening, breakfast and transportation to school in the mornings. You must be aware of the need to maintain a protective and nurturing environment for children who have suffered abuse from adults and help them regain trust in adults again. Also, to be able to see the children beyond their presenting behaviours. You will be reporting to the Deputy Head.

*Key Responsibilities*
>> Nights: Ensure residents remain in their beds, are safe and behave:
* Conduct random patrols of all rooms in the dorm & update and record any unusual happenings in the Unit & Daily Occurrence Books; 
* Monitor any other residents in sickbay 
* Assist any residents with any difficulties (including unwell child or child who has difficulty sleeping);
* Report and provide feedback clients’ behaviours and issues;
* Ensure residents are safely evacuated during a fire alarm.

>> Mornings: Ensure residents wake up, eat breakfast and get to school safely: 
* During the week prepare breakfast at 5 am for the residents every morning in the pantry. 
* During the weekends prepare breakfast at 7 am and wake up the children going on Home Leave;
* Act as transport assistants on the morning (6.20 am) bus trip to the schools. Ensure that the children buckle up and behave;
* At 7 am the Duty I/C hands over the staff telephone, Daily Occurrence Book and keys to the duty I/C in the morning shift.

Candidate Requirements

Technical Competencies:

• At least Nitec/ GCE ‘O’ level/ or Diploma in Security Management would be advantages. 
• Able to stay awake and alert for long hours at night.
• Able to relate to, supervise and manage children.
• Able to read, write and converse in English and a 2nd Singaporean language

Core Competencies:

• Has experience working in a child-centered work environment
• Good interpersonal skills & able to work as a team with the other night staff

Preferred achievements / characteristics:

• Has experience working in a child-centered work environment
• Certified in first-aid
• Food & Hygiene certificate and has the desire to prepare a happy breakfast for children.

If you are someone we looking for , please call 6713 9150 to arrange for an interview appointment.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.


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