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Lin Xiuting, Student at NUS (Pharmacy)

"It has been 8 long years since I left the Home. My stay there was rather brief, probably about one and a half years. However, I think that my stay there has somewhat made me a stronger person. It was in the Home that I came to know God. I should say that it is this spiritual experience with God that ensured I was not led astray and provided me a pillar of support even till this day. Up to this point of time, I still look back at my stay at the Home with pride because I can say I made a lot of wonderful and lasting friends like Yi Shan, Zhen Zhen and many more.

Like most of the children who first entered the Home, I felt sorry about myself and disliked the thought of staying in a place that is not my home. I felt lost and cried myself to sleep for probably one week. However, soon I got along with other people and got used to the way the Home operated. I even started to enjoy my stay there. Soon enough, I felt like I was like staying in a camp.

On hindsight, I think that God has blessed me in my life and allowed me to have such a different experience that changed my life. I hope that the children there now also take their stay in the Home as a positive experience and learn to appreciate God and the people surrounding them. The person to whom I am most grateful to is Jie Jie Nancy. Her presence and guidance certainly made a lot of difference throughout my stay at the Home."