E-Volunteer Registration

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E-Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Registration Form
Personal Particulars
Volunteer Information
I am able to volunteer in:
Stipulation of Consent (Personal Data Protection Act 2 012)

In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (2012) we kindly seek your consent to collect, use and/ or disclose your personal data in relation to your application to volunteer at the Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home (CSLMCH). 

Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home will only collect, use and/ or disclose your personal data for the purposes of administration, screening by Ministry of Social and Family Development, public relations, and to contact you regarding your volunteering services and/ or other activities, events and programmes organised by CSLMCH. 

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Self-Declaration Form For Potential Volunteers
Please answer the following
  • I understand that the above information ("my Personal Information") will be provided to the Government of Singapore, as represented by the Ministry of Social and Family Development ("Government" or "MSF"), for the purpose of assessing my suitability to run, manage, provide services or volunteer in Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home (CSLMCH). 
  • I allow the Government to collect, share and use my Personal Information for the purposes in preceding paragraph. 
  • I understand that I may not be engaged as a volunteer in CSLMCH or may be re-deployed to other areas of work within CSLMCH should this form contain any false or inaccurate or incomplete information and/or if MSF assesses that I am unsuitable to provide services as a volunteer in CSLMCH. 
  • I declare that the information provided in this form is true and correct and I furnish the information knowing that I may be liable to criminal prosecution if I have stated any information which I know to be false or do not believe to be true.